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Monthly Archives: June 2023

8 "European dishes" of international cuisine Unique

8 “European dishes” of international cuisine Unique

Today we would like to please the European dishes with the food menu of each country of Europe that is considered unique in each country and most importantly, delicious, or we would like to challenge you to try each other when you visit these countries. Some

7 Popular "Thai food", delicious

7 Popular “Thai food”, delicious

Thai food is reputed to be a charming food. Broke through the inner bosom And has a taste that is suitable for all tastes, whether sour, sweet, salty and spicy and the trick must be the perfumery derive from plants, vegetables, herbs Is the wisdom of the ancestors that

Egg white menu the best for health

Egg white menu the best for health

Eggs are another versatile ingredient and can be used as an ingredient in many dishes. Whether it’s a menu of savory or sweet food like cookies , brownies. And various bakeries often have eggs as an ingredient. The eggs that we like to eat come from a variety of animals. Whether

Heng Chun Seng, beef noodle No.1 in Thailand

Heng Chun Seng, beef noodle No.1 in Thailand

This place has been recognized by many connoisseurs of meat. People say is one of The best braised beef noodle shop in Thailand that is said to be Guaranteed with the history of the shop that has been sold for more than 60 years.  The atmosphere of Heng Chun Seng beef noodle  shop is